How To Make A Mobile Game App

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screenshotMobile app development doesn’t require any type of programming anymore (this article on how to make an app without programming). Heck, it’s gotten so simple with just point-and-click, drag-and-drop, etc that all you really do is just customize ready-to-go templates. Well, with mobile game development, it’s a bit different. When making games for the iPhone, Android, or whatever, you have to do some type of programming. Why? Because there aren’t any templates available. All games are very different in the way the game play mechanics work. I guess you could have a template for… say… Angry Birds and just use different images, but then you’d have… well… Angry Birds… with different images… Right?

Let’s look at the previous best way to learn how to make a mobile game app:

Let me see it! Go, go, go!

What you see in the video above is great for making basic apps fast… but if you want to make the next Angry Birds or hottest RPG, first-person shooter, etc for iOS, Android, etc…

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iPhone CashThe new system will of course also teach you the easy ways on how to make an app, but more importantly, it will show you step-by-step exactly how to program a game for the iPhone, Android, or any other mobile device. It teaches your from the ground up, so you don’t need any type of previous experience or any programming know-how.

Better yet, you’ll also learn how to do effective mobile marketing to ensure that your game will get tons and tons of downloads each and every day. I mean… what good is the best game if it doesn’t get played by anyone? You need to learn the best way to market your games and apps in order to start getting what you want… money.

You want to generate a passive income right? Well, you need to make sure that your game or app can be found everywhere! You also do not want to spend months and months trying to figure out how to create a website and drive traffic to it just to get a few downloads for your apps. You need a way for your app to be right there on an existing website that already gets tons of daily visitors who are interested in… well… downloading apps and games!

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